Molasses vs Maple, Cayenne vs Paprika vs Pure capsaicin

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Well I've been going since Sunday night, and today's Tuesday, so I'm counting this as day 2. After the first cup of warm lemon+molasses I knew this would be a fast I could handle. I was amazed at how quickly I felt "lighter" after drinking the first litre of warm salty water, and then again at how quickly it reached the other end :-). I've felt urges to eat, but quickly realised that it is habitual and not actual hunger.

I was wondering how much maple syrup is a reasonable amount to go through in a day. 2tbsp = 30mL, so 6-8 glasses would be about 200mL? I guess I'm going to need to buy the larger size of Maple syrup next. Is there any downside to using, say, either Blackstrap Molasses or that Billington's super-dark "Molasses" ? What about mixing them for variety? Also, I'm finding that half a lemon does not yield 2tbsp - it takes more like 1½ lemons.

I couldn't find any (organic) Cayenne when I looked the other day so have been substituting with Paprika and Chili Powder. I see on Wikipedia that Cayenne and Paprika are quite far apart on the Scoville Scale - - so will be on the hunt for some high grade spice today to make the rest of the fast more effective. Is there a specific property of Cayenne other than its heating effect that is important, ie can I use any "very hot" spice? eg, can I substitute with bulk hot spices from the local Indian supermarket?
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  • Aloha Sam

    Bacteria is in your cells and blood stream and honey kills bacteria on the spot. And the best way to reach them is by using honey. If you have a scratch on you hand or arm and the flies are after it, and you but some honey on it the flies will not touch you. The flies need the bacteria in order to break down the tissue, so the larva from the fly can eat it.


    Honey is a mixture of natural sugars formed from nectar of flowers in the bodies of bees. A natural sweetener with Bioactive, Antibiotic and Antiseptic properties, honey contains all the vitamins, minerals and enzymes necessary for proper metabolism and digestion of glucose and other sugars. Still, honey is almost twice as sweet as sugar. Avoid it if you have candidacies or diabetes; use it with great care if you are hypoglycemic.

    Dr.Tsitsin, who is Russia’s chief biologist and botanist in the bee industry, surveyed approximately 150 Russian people who were all greater than one hundred twenty-five years old. He said: all of the 150 or more people past 125 years old on Russia, without exception, have stated their principal food has always been pollen and honey---mostly pollen.
    The honey these Russians ate was not store-bought, pasteurized, and filtered honey that many of us are familiar with, but an un-pasteurized, unfiltered, unprocessed, taw mix of honey and bee pollen found at the bottom of the honey containers. Interestingly enough, many of these Russian centenarians turned out also to be beekeepers. In worldwide Secrets For Staying Young, Airola claims that honey boosts calcium, retention, increases red blood cell count for nutritional anemia’s stemming from iron ad copper deficiencies, and has a beneficial effect on arthritis, colds, poor circulation, constipation, liver and kidney disorders, poor complexion, and insomnia.

    The fact that honey and bee pollen are rejuvenating foods was known long before the Russians discovered it. Pythagoras, the Greek spiritual teacher and mathematician, used raw foods for healing and recommended honey for health and long life as far back as 500 B.C.

  • Don't use honey for the cleanse, it was mentioned in the book to leave it out and I have never read of it being tested for the Master Cleanser. The blackstrap molasses was mentioned in past book editions to be used in the first few days of a diabetic going on the MC but then they were to be weened onto the grade b syrup. So I would not go just on molasses. If you live in Hawaii, or a community with many cubans you can sometimes find the raw fresh pressed cane juice in a cuban food store.

    The cayenne is no where near the herb that your papricka and chili powder are. Cayenne is very unique and is one of the most powerfull herbs in the planet to the body. It does a lot and you do need it. The cayenne is also best to be fresh and w/ a heat unit mentioned on the label. Old shelf worn cooking cayenne is less than ideal. The only herb you will find to have the cayenne effects are those with the latin name capsicum on the label. Good luck!
  • The first 2 times I did the MC, I used Grade A Maple syrup as it was all I could get my hands on at the time. I am now at the end of day 10 of my 3rd MC, and have been using Grade C Maple syrup, and it has made all the difference in the world. This has been a much easier go. the darker the better. I have no idea why honey is being recommended here when it is specifically prohibited in the book, and backed up with solid reason. Stick with the Maple syrup, and the darker the better.

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